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Our erectile dysfunction medications require a prescription from a licensed physician. Please make sure to buy only from pharmacies who will provide you medicine only after looking at your prescription, other wise you may be receiving your prescription from the fake mills that deliver to you immediately, providing potentially unhealthy medicine that could be dangerous or expired! Following these steps will make the process as simple as possible.right_bottle_img

Olympia will ship medication directly to you, the patient. If your physician has any questions about our medications please have them call 407-673-2222.

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Why Olympia Compounding Pharmacy?

Olympia Compounding Pharmacy is located in Orlando, Florida. We are a full service, neighborhood, specialty pharmacy

As well as one of the few compounding pharmacies in the United States that holds the distinction of being a registered FDA Outsourcing Facility. We are a national leader in compounding TriMix formulas. All of our formulas have been USP 71 validated and each batch (lot #), of each formula, is sent out for independent third party testing to insure sterility and potency. While samples from each batch are being tested, the medication is held frozen, in a special quarantine lab, and is not released to patients until test results validate the sterility and potency! You can rest assured you are receiving the safest, highest quality medication available. All of our formulas also undergo a specialized stability study, allowing us to give our medications a longer expiration date than other pharmacies.

Olympia has developed a special “freeze” mixing process, allowing us to deliver the freshest and most consistent TriMix medications.

Olympia is national leader in compounded medications with over 25 years of expertise.

We are member of the esteemed PCCA, a 797 compliant sterile processor, hold the newly required special sterile compounding license and are an FDA Registered Outsourcing Facility.

We thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you!

Some of our other specialties include:

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women
  • Sermorelin anti-aging therapy
  • HCG / Medical Weight Loss
  • Female sexual health
  • Vein care
  • Topical Pain
  • Veterinarian medications for small and large animals

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“Experience the Olympia difference and see why we are The Compounding Pharmacy for Central Florida and beyond.”